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Cool Deal Spot’s shop makes available quality products such as accessories and collections for ladies and gents, home decor, gifts and memorabilia, electronics, Downloads, Software, eBooks, Tools and Equipment, and aquarium, Fishing, Camping and Hiking hobbies. Read more…

Men’s accessories with latest styles, best quality, exciting range with quality, style and at an affordable price with Worldwide delivery & Free shipping. Women’s accessories of a wide variety of different colors, types, looks and designs of sunglasses watches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets etc                                    all at discounted prices. Shop now

Download Offers

Downloads offers, Software, eBooks on Health, Wealth, finance, love, fictions, and nonfiction and on a variety of subjects, Software for multipurpose usage, Tools, and Guides to facilitate various systems, programs, installation and maintenance and much more. Shop now.

Gifts & Memorabilia

Giving gift without a desire to receive back is mind elevating. To give a gift to someone to make them important and special is self-fulfilling. This cannot be measured in monetary terms. Gifts and memorabilia are given to strengthen the relationship to express how much you care! Intention                                          matters. Research shows giving gifts strengthens bonds. Shop now.


Types of equipment and tools with accessories for fishing, bowling, robots and droning. Hobbies could offer health benefits and which could become outlets for creative endeavors. Shop now.


Home decor

Cool Deal Spot offers to customers modern and fashionable range of Home Decor, appliances and equipment, furnishings, artifacts kitchen essentials, storage boxes, electric and electronic equipment and accessories to cater to different lifestyles and individual preferences.  Shop now.

Sports and Fitness

Translating happiness mandate to customers. We offer Fitness types of equipment (on order): motorized treadmill, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, weights and machines and other tools to facilitate physical exercise at home at affordable prices.  Shop now.

Women’s Collection

Women’s clothing with must have a wide range at best of ethnic wear, formal wear, western wear, nightwear, lingerie, stylish, everyday basics, Dresses, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts, loungewear with latest designs and with free delivery. Shop now.

Featured Deals and offers

Shop for a variety of Deals and offers. Shop now.


Free Stuff

  Variety of ebooks, Softwares, coupons, Goodies and more..Get it now.