The Team

G Charles Moses, the promoter is head of The Team. He possesses wide-ranging business skills in finding opportunities, Business development and franchising.

Mr. Charles who has ventured this endeavor is a veteran who had managed several first-time assignments over a period of 25+ years. Versatility is his strong point, and is upright and humble in nature, very decisive and not given to vagaries. Pleasing and friendly in his approach, he possesses uncanny skills to wide-ranging business opportunities.  He stepped into the arena of the franchising way back in 2000 when franchising measure was projected initially in India. Business development and franchise management are areas he is confident and familiar with.

We are led by Almighty God in this venture who is the center and the guide to all our businesses. He is the ‘Jehovah Jireh’ who provides for all our needs.

This website is devoted to my mother Late Mrs. Helen Suria Gunsekharan who had been my inspiration and blessing.

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