Champion Bodybuilder CRUSHES Competition on 85g of Protein

Champion Bodybuilder CRUSHES Competition on 85g of Protein


When you look at the big dudes competing in the Mr. Universe,
Natural Olympia or any big bodybuilder competition what do
you immediately assume?

You assume that they are taking MASSIVE amounts of
protein and possibly even anabolics to get THAT big right?

You’re not alone in your assumptions.

Everyone who works out and tries gaining lean muscle automatically
goes on a HIGH protein diet – sometimes in excess of 300 grams per day.

I am here to tell you some good news.

This is OVERKILL and you are WASTING money.

If you think that consuming more protein will equal more muscle,
you may be sadly mistaken and be disappointed with your results.

More protein does NOT equal more muscle.

Consider that a there are a large number of vegetarian bodybuilders
out there who don’t get anywhere near the amount of protein in a day
as meat-eating bodybuilders but yet they are just as massive.

So what’s the big secret?

I was a bit of a skeptic myself about the whole vegetarian bodybuilder
thing but as it turns out, all that was needed for a Mr. Universe athlete
to conquer his competitions was 85 grams of protein per day!

If you want to know how you can maximize your best body composition,
build more muscle and burn more fat all while taking in LESS protein,
you should really check out the free guide called The Enzymatic Edge guide over on this page.

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G Charles Moses

PS. You don’t have to go ‘vegetarian’ for these methods
to work…you can continue whichever nutrition plan
you are currently on.

The protocols and tips in this guide are simply to help
you assimilate MORE from your protein consumption
in turn, allowing you to require less in total.