Dainty Jewelry

Learn how to wear dainty jewelry in this blog and check out our cool and interesting suggestions about this season’s most popular dainty jewelry. In addition, these jewelry pieces are very trendy and wanted at the moment, therefore it would be great to know how to rock them like a pro.

Dainty jewelry, charm necklace

Wear dainty jewelry with any of your outfits


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1. Dainty lariat necklace for a chic style

The lariat necklaces are usually dainty jewelry that is great for chic and stylish outfits. Many working ladies can take advantage of its beauty and elegance.

You can easily wear the lariat necklace in combination with other dainty jewelry such as a minimalist bracelet, stud earrings or a stack of delicate rings.

Feminine style, lariat necklace, Blue striped dress, swing dress

For a feminine style wear a lariat necklace


Also, if you like the layering effect you can do that too with your lariat necklace. For example, it is possible to wear two lariat necklaces at the same time or simply add another delicate necklace to your lariat necklace.

Deep V-necks, long lariat necklaces, fashion, summer style

Deep V-necks and long lariat necklaces are a great combo

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Because of their elegant, chicness and style, you can wear a lariat necklace in a more provocative and attractive way. For instance, in the summer if you like wearing deep V-necks, then a lariat necklace would be very appropriate for the look.

Lariat necklaces, dainty necklace, white off-shoulder top

Lariat necklaces are a great add-on for the working ladies


In addition, this versatile piece of jewelry could be styled with night out elegant looks. This type of necklace is a great complimentary piece that could be worn by all aged ladies no matter of their occupation or fashion style.

Lariat necklaces, dainty necklaces

Any of these two lariat necklaces will enhance your outfits

Left: Geometric Lariat Necklace; Right: Play Circle Necklace Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

These two dainty necklaces are from Happiness Boutique and have a very sleek and well-polished surface. The appearance of these necklaces definitely makes you want to add one like this to your jewelry collection.

2. Wear a delicate minimalist bracelets for a trendy look

If you happen to be in love with the minimalism trend, then you will definitely enjoy these following styles and bracelets. Bracelets are the type of jewelry that is not trendy all the time, but lately, we could spot many fashion bloggers wearing bracelets or even a stack of bracelets for a fuller look.

Minimalist inspired bracelet

In addition to your fashionable looks add a minimalist inspired bracelet


In addition, if you like wearing watches, it is a good time to pair your watch with a modern and trendy dainty minimalist bracelet. This is a perfect style for business ladies or all the ladies that love to stay classy and professional at all times.

Minimalist dainty jewelry, street style, fashionista

For a modern look wear a minimalist dainty jewelry

Via Pinterest

As you can see these jewelry pieces are great to be worn all year round. For example, you can jazz up your fall sweater and ankle boots looks or give interest to your summer styles.

Minimalist bracelets, fashionista, white lace dress

Minimalist bracelets are great for all seasons

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Also, if you like to give interest to your monochromes don’t be hesitant to add a trendy bracelet in addition to your look. It looks super feminine, yet it is a very easy to pull off look.

Swirl Bracelet Rose Gold by Happiness Boutique

Here is a minimalist inspired modern bracelet from Happiness Boutique. If you like similar looks, then don’t hesitate to check them out.

3. Dainty jewelry with a pendant for a personalized look

Dainty necklaces with personalized or not pendants are so cute and easy to style with any type of an outfit. You can literally wear them with your casual as well as with your night out looks.

Pendant necklace, black blazer, white top, ripped denim short

Necklaces with pendants are great for a personalized look


In addition, they are very comfortable to wear and what a better way to express yourself than a personalized pendant hanging off from your dainty necklace. These necklaces are very timeless therefore you don’t have to worry if you spend a little more than the expected.

Pendant necklace, dainty necklace, white long sleeve top

For an individual style wear a pendant necklace

Source unknown

Feel free to combine your dainty pendant necklace with simple or detailed outfits because both styles will be great with such a necklace. It can even become your talisman necklace, which will make it much more sentimental and priceless.

Pendant necklaces, dainty jewelry, delicate necklaces

Jazz up your daily outfits with these pendant necklaces

Left: Delicate Necklace with Inscribed Pendant; Right: Star Necklace Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Any of these two pendant necklaces from Happiness Boutique is appropriate to achieve a similar look. Feel free to check the out by clicking on the links below the photo.

4. Add a layered necklace for a fuller look

If you like to make unique combination of different jewelry pieces, you can create a very trendy and popular at the moment – the layered effect.

This is a rather fuller look in terms of accessories but it is definitely not a bling-bling style. You can get yourself a pre-layered necklace or make your own design, which is simply amazing.

Dainty necklaces, summer look, backless floral dress, dainty jewelry

For a fuller look wear a stack of necklaces


Based on the necklaces that you put together you can end up with a very girly, stylish, symbolic, boho or any fashion style that you prefer and are in the mood for.

For example, in the summer you throw on a floral dress and accessorize it in a very elegant and stylish way by adding different length necklaces.

Trendy look, layered necklace, fashionista, street style, striped maxi dress

In addition to your trendy look wear a layered necklace


Or, you can add only two necklaces for a simple, yet sophisticated look. Many people doubt the power of simplicity, but in fact this is such a timeless and classy way to accessorize or dress up.

Layered necklaces, dainty jewelry

Layered necklaces look very attractive with any type of an outfit

Left: Layered Lucky Charms Necklace in Gold; Right: Lucky Evil Eye Layered Necklace in Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two beautiful layered necklaces from Happiness Boutique which have different pendants on each necklace. These could definitely enhance any of your looks.

5. Delicate rings set for a super modern look

Stackable rings are definitely a must have for this season. There is no perfect time when to pull off this look ,but rather you decide when you want to show your fashionable style.

The best thing about these ring sets is their adaptability and diversity. You will be able to find all kinds of different sets that will go well with your personal style and lifestyle.

Stack of delicate rings, dainty rings

Give interest to your normal outfit with a stack of delicate rings

Via Pinterest

For an extra sparkle you can rely to these topped off with tin rhinestones ring sets. They are great for daily on night out looks. Or, you can even spice up your professional and sophisticated outfits.

Delicate rings, dainty jewelry

Delicate rings are always appropriate


On the other hand, ring sets with no extra effects and detailing are great for casual sneakers days or with elegant high heel looks. It is up to you if you want to add all of the rings at the same time or combine them with older rings that have been sitting for quite some time in your wardrobe.

Modern ring sets, dainty jewelry, delicate rings

Any of these modern ring sets will take your looks to the next level

Left: Modern Silver Ring Set; Right: Minimalist Ring Set Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two ring sets from Happiness Boutique that are pretty simple, yet modern and appropriate for any type of a lady. Don’t hesitate to check them out! 🙂

6. Wear a chain bracelet for a fashionable style

Chain bracelets look so cute and stylish based on the outfits that you decide to match them with. This dainty jewelry is also a must have for this season because more and more fashionistas decide to rock this style.

Chain bracelet, street style, light green blazer

In addition to your stylish outfit wear a chain bracelet


These delicate bracelets could be combined with other similar bracelet or wear them solo. They have a certain character and special energy that will definitely make your looks more eye-catching and attractive. You can wear this dainty jewelry to work, while traveling or shopping or even to special events.

Dainty jewelry, stacked bracelets

Dainty jewelry for your everyday styles

Source unknown

As you can it is possible to wear this type of bracelets with super outfits as well. Feel free to mix and match them with other types of bracelet to give an extra interest to your ordinary daily looks.

Dainty jewelry, delicate bracelets

Add any of these to your collection for a modern and feminine style

Left: Joy Bracelet Rose Gold; Right: Love Delicate Bracelet Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

These two chain bracelets from Happiness Boutique are very feminine, cute and delicate. You can wear these two together or alone because each one has a certain personality and interest to it.

7. Dainty choker appropriate for a girly look

Our lovely delicate choker still make it the list of the most wanted accessory for the summer. This type of dainty jewelry is very versatile, trendy, modern and cool. It can make your outfits more sexy, eye-catching, fashionable or anything you want. A true saver on a dull day.

Dainty choker, summer look, floral dress

For an attractive look wear a dainty choker


Girly looks and delicate chokers are such a great combo. In the summer when you want to feel desired, paid attention to and just flirty, you can dress up in a nice and feminine dress and add a little edge to your style by wearing a delicate choker.

Dainty choker, Velvet rose print dress

Dainty chokers look very attractive with any type of an outfit


As you can see delicate chokers are perfect for daily looks or night out looks. You can wear the same choker and pull off so many different looks so if you add a similar dainty jewelry to your collection you know that you will be able to wear it whenever you want.

Delicate chokers, dainty jewelry

In addition to your fashionable looks wear a delicate choker

Left: Boho Choker Black; Right: Glitter Choker Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

If you happen to be a choker necklace fan, try to check out these two dainty jewelry pieces from Happiness Boutique. They could perfectly accessorize your girly, stylish, boho, elegant or sexy looks with no effort.

8. Trendy subtle stacked earrings for an attractive look

Having many piercings at once is definitely a popular look, but what to do if you don’t have that many piercings!? Don’t you worry ladies because there are always the fake piercings that you can to your pierced ears. This look is very cool because it is delicate, yet visible enough to be remarked by many people.

Stack of earrings, dainty jewelry, fashionista

To achieve an over accessorized look wear a stack of earrings

Via Pinterest

You can add, for example, a stack of rhinestone delicate studs that will gently sparkle as you walk around. This is a look that you don’t need to worry about where you style it because it is so delicate and feminine.

Dainty jewelry, fashionista, street style

Give interest to your outfit with a stack of dainty jewelry

Source unknown

Even your super elegant and red carpet inspired looks could take advantage of these sall and dazzling jewelry pieces. It looks very stylish, especially if you make a cute hairstyle.

The hairstyle doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or difficult to make. It is always about your attitude to end up with a graceful and full of confidence style.

9. Fine hoop earrings for a modern look

Every girl could find a pair of fine hoop earrings to suit her style. These earrings are absolutely amazing because of their versatile properties. It is possible to style them with super casuals as well as with super elegant outfits.

Hoop earrings, fashionista

Hoop earrings will always give you a touch of femininity and style to your look

Via Pinterest

You can wear them all seasons and adjust them according to your fashion style. In addition, they come in so many different designs and detailings that you will never be able to get bored of them. Plus, they are pretty comfortable to wear unless you have an oversized pair of hoop earrings.

Hoop earrings, professional outfit

In addition to your trendy style wear hoop earrings

Source unknown

Some hoop earrings have even this futuristic and professional looking design that is perfect to match your working outfits. On the other hand, they go well with girly dresses, a simple short and t-shirt look or fashionable outfits such as an off-the-shoulder top.

Hoop earrings, dainty earrings, dainty jewelry

Try any of these two pairs of hoop earrings for a modern style

Left: Multi Geometric Hoop Earrings; Right: Semi Circle Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

If you want to be different, yet classy and modern, check out these cool pairs of hoop earrings from Happiness Boutique. The small detailing is very interesting and eye-catching.

10. Cute necklaces for your summer outfits

Necklaces with cute pendants and dainty chains are so fun to wear in the spring and summer. You can make any of your styles more joyful and to put a smile on your face. In addition, they are easy to pair with other necklaces if you want to create the layering effect.

Cute dainty jewelry, delicate necklace, casual blouse

Make your summer looks more interesting with a cute dainty jewelry


Also, these dainty jewelry pieces are very comfortable to wear. The tiny cute pendants are so interesting, modern and fashionable. They will easily express your mood right away.

Fun pendant necklace, spring yellow dress

For a cute and girly look wear a fun pendant necklace

Source unknown

Feel free to wear them with vivid colored dresses, shorts and a graphic t-shirt. These necklaces are great for school, daily outfits or even for special celebration such as your younger nephews or cousins.

Cute pendant necklaces, dainty jewelry, delicate necklaces

Wear a cute pendant necklace in addition to your playful summer looks

Left: Cactus Necklace Silver; Right: Precious Pineapple Delicate Necklace in Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Bring happiness to your outfits with any of these two dainty jewelry pieces from Happiness Boutique. Cute, girly, appropriate for any type of a lately and absolutely trendy.

Finally, I hope that you enjoyed these styling tips and tricks on how to rock your favorite dainty jewelry like a queen. These jewelry pieces are very modern, easy to style and so comfortable. In addition, their delicateness allows you to effortlessly pair them with colorful or super plain outfits.

dainty jewelry, queen.gif

Also, don’t hesitate to share your favorite types of dainty jewelry. How do you like to style them? What are your favorite currently trending jewelry pieces? Let us know! 🙂

Thank you & Happy Styling!


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Fashion Accessory

Make any of your looks more eye-catching by wearing a modern fashion accessory.

In addition, you can transform your style easily by just adding a small detail such as a piece of jewelry. Fashion jewelry is always a good idea because you wear the latest trends at affordable prices.

fashion accessory, jewelry.gif

Feel free to check out these styling tips on how to rock your favorite fashion accessory. Here, we talk about cool and feminine necklaces, ring sets, cuff bracelets and exotic and remarkable earrings.

Whether you prefer delicate, minimalist or statement – we got it covered. There is a little something for every type of a lady. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or if you enjoyed this fashion blog post feel free to hit the like button.

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1. Stacked rings for a remarkable style

Stackable rings are just so amazing and easy to pull off. You can add as much as you want rings till you get the desired look. In addition, feel free to style different kind of rings such as statement, glitter, rhinestone, stone or delicate rings together.

Fashion accessory

A fashion accessory like the stacked rings is always a good idea

Via Pinterest

This style is great for any type of a lady no matter of her occupation or fashion style. This fashion accessory is very eye-catching and creative because you get to be the designer of your own style. It is possible to wear it in a casual way or very elegant way.

Stacked rings, fashion accessory

Stacked rings look so fashionable and stylish


Also, based on your rings, you can add another fashion accessory such as a bracelet, small clutch or a belt that goes with the rest of your accessories. There are many stackable ring sets or you can give a second chance to your old rings.

Stacked rings, fashion accessory

Wear stacked rings for a fashionable look

Left: Geometric Ring Set; Right: Half Moon Trio Ring Set

By Happiness Boutique

Any of these two ring sets from Happiness Boutique could instantly transform your looks. Try to wear them with your fashionable or casual looks to see how easy it is make your style more remarkable.

2. Earrings appropriate for your elegant outfits

Every now or then, we have some sort of a special occasion to celebrate. Therefore it is a good idea to have a fashion accessory, which is appropriate for the event.

For example, a pair of delicate dangling earrings. They could be topped off with glitter or rhinestones to give you the extra sparkle and elegance.

Green delicate earrings

In addition to your elegant outfit wear stylish earrings

Via Pinterest

When preparing our looks to attend a special occasion it is important to work our way from the clothing and then the fashion accessory. If you happen to love the classic black dress, then you will have a greater choice of earrings or other accessories.

Jewelry set, fashion accessory

Wear elegant jewelry in addition to your night out dress

Source unknown

Or, if it is your most special day, then you can get a jewelry set because it will be easier to style, especially if you have a very detailed dress. Of course, if your preference is more elegant, it is good to go for a natural stone, rhinestones or crystals.

These two pairs of earrings are very appropriate for elegant occasions

These two pairs of earrings are very appropriate for elegant occasions

Left: Aqua Crystal Statement Earrings; Right: Serenity Blue Drop Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two pairs of earrings from Happiness Boutique that are very appropriate for special occasions. Super feminine, stylish and modern. Feel free to check them out or to look at the whole collection of statement earrings.

3. Decorate your looks with a bright colorful statement necklace

Having a colorful and bright fashion accessory in the spring and summer is just a must have. It will open up your style and definitely put a smile on your face. Based on the main colors from the fashion accessory you can pick up your clothes so it doesn’t look tacky.

Accessorize your summer look with a colorful fashion accessory

Accessorize your summer look with a colorful fashion accessory


There are unlimited types of colorful and floral necklaces that you can select from. Plus, if you have a lot of basic outfits this is a great trick and styling tip on how to jazz them up.

Colorful fashion accessory, statement necklace

Jazz up your monochromes with a colorful fashion accessory


You can contrast the darker colored necklaces with a white top which could be very fashionable or detailed or a plain t-shirt. You can wear this type of fashion accessory in a casual, glam, fashionable or stylish way.

Colorful statement necklaces, fashion accessory

Any of these two colorful necklaces will enhance your summer looks

Left: Leaf Inspired Statement Necklace; Right: Spectacular Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique offers you these two amazing and colorful statement necklaces. Perfect for the summer and so comfortable to wear all day or night long.

4. Turquoise fashion accessory for any of your summer looks

A great way to give a pop of color to your monochrome outfits is by wearing a turquoise piece of jewelry. You will probably think that these are only for the boho lovers, but you will be wrong. You can wear them with any kind of an outfit.

Beach inspired fashion accessory

The beach inspired fashion accessory is always great for the summer

Via Pinterest

This color besides from being very popular in the bohemian fashion is also great for the summer. The reason is of course because of the color that reminds us of the ocean and the beach. In addition, don’t be afraid to add a couple of jewelry pieces with this color at the same time to accentuate your summer joy.

Turquoise inspired fashion accessory

The turquoise inspired fashion accessory is so unique and remarkable


These turquoise jewelry pieces look so mysterious and it seems as if they is a secret story behind them. You can wear them all year round with any kind of an outfit. Dress them up or down because they are appropriate for any kind of occasion.

Fashion accessory, turquoise jewelry

Wear these two together or solo for a remarkable summer style

Left: Turquoise Jewel Statement Ring; Right: Strength Statement Bracelet

By Happiness Boutique

These two turquoise jewelry pieces from Happiness Boutique are very trendy and stylish. Feel free to wear them together or separate based on your own preferences.

5. Attract people’s attention by wearing layered necklaces

Layered necklaces look so sexy and eye-catching, especially on a tanned skin. This is a great technique you can use on a daily basis to spice up your outfits. In addition, you can end up with a truly unique design by mixing old and new necklaces together.

Layered necklaces, fashion accessory

Layered necklaces look so sexy and luxurious when paired with a fitted dress

Via Pinterest

Feel free to give life to your old fashion accessory by combining it with your newest and fresh necklaces. You can express yourself in a quite individual way by being the creator of your own style.

Delicate layered necklace, choker, fashionista, style

Wear a delicate layered necklace with a choker for a sexy look

Via Pinterest

Also, you can be super original by adding a choker to your stack of delicate necklaces to make an impression. This quite daring style could be appropriate for night out looks, but also for your vacation and careless looks.

Delicate chokers, fashion accessory

Accessorize your looks in a trendy and sex way with these two delicate chokers

Left: Glitter Choker Rose Gold; Right: Multi Arrow Choker Necklace Gold

By Happiness Boutique

You can wear this two chokers from Happiness Boutique together if you prefer short necklaces. However, feel free to check out the collection of delicate necklaces if you want to give dimension and length to your style. It is all up to you and your mood.

6. Exotic tassel earrings for a stylish look

These bright colored earrings look very elegant, chic and sleek. You can wear them to go to a special event, yet you can rock them with your beach wear. Tassel earrings come in many different vivid colors, which makes them the perfect complimentary fashion accessory for the summer.

Blue Tassel earrings, street style, crop top

Trend Alert! Tassel earrings!


You will be able to find them in different lengths and different types depending on your occasion. There are many tassel earrings that have crystals or rhinestones on them, which makes them a great piece of jewelry for special occasions.

And, you can find very simple, yet still remarkable tassel earrings that you can style on daily basis.

Tassel earrings

Wear exotic tassel earrings this season to achieve the perfect summer look

Via Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite pair of tassels with colorful and printed outfits. For some reason these earrings are always appropriate no matter how detailed your outfit is.

Tassel earring

Tassel earring are always a good idea


Of course, you can style them with plain outfits to give them a pop of color and elegance. Also, since these earrings are such statement pieces you can wear them with all kinds of different and trendy hairstyles.

For example, braids are a very popular hairstyle lately, therefore you can possibly style your hair this way.

Tassel earrings, fashion accessory

Spice up your summer looks with these earrings

Left: Turquoise Tassel Earrings; Right: Sunshine Knot Tassel Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two very colorful and joyful tassel earrings from Happiness Boutique. These jewelry pieces are very elegant, yet appropriate to be worn during the day. Don’t hesitate to check out the other pairs of cool and chic tassel earrings from the collection.

7. Wear cuff bracelets to modernize any of your styles

Cuff bracelets are just another fashion accessory that you might want to add to your jewelry collection.

The sleek surface and stylish appearance of these bracelets makes them very easy to style. However, business and working ladies could definitely take advantage of this type of a bracelet.

Stack of cuff bracelets, fashion accessory

For a modern look wear a stack of cuff bracelets


Feel free to stack them up with other similar bracelets or combine them with a delicate chain bracelet with a charm. Also, you can pair them with your favorite sets of rings for a more accessorized style.

Cuff bracelets

In addition to your modern looks wear cuff bracelets


For example, you can style your cuff bracelets with a wide legged pants, V-neck dressy shirt and a trendy handbag. This is a very fashionable, yet easy to combine style. In addition, you can wear it with heels, wedges or even fashion sneakers.

Wavy Bracelet Rose Gold by Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique presents to you this amazing rose gold bracelet. Very popular and preferred by many ladies, it is super comfortable and chic.

8. Trendy half moon fashion accessory for every occasion

Anything with a half moon is just amazing and so modern lately. You have probably seen it on necklaces, earrings, chokers or even bracelets. Half moon, crescent moon or horns…you name it, but just love it.

Fashion accessory, half moon necklace, delicate necklace

If you want a fashion accessory – add a half moon jewelry to your collection

Source unknown

These celestial inspired jewelry pieces look very mystical and magical. It is possible while you wear a similar fashion accessory to remember that there is something bigger than us.

And, we are just tiny little people, yet it is possible for you to make a lot of changes in your community, city, country or world.

Half-moon earrings, fashion accessory

In addition to your trendy look wear half-moon earrings

Via Pinterest

For example, these half moon earrings are so delicate, yet very eye-catching. The tiny detailing on them makes them very unique and a piece of jewelry with a character. In addition, they are very easy to pair with other jewelry pieces.

Fashion accessory, half moon jewelry

Add a fashionable piece of jewelry to your collection

Left: Delicate Half Moon Earrings; Right: Moon and Star Necklace Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two products with a half moon element from Happiness Boutique. These are very different, yet it is possible to style them together. Feel free to check out all of Happiness Boutique’s products to find out more half moon inspired jewelry pieces.

9. The black choker – a memorable style

No list could make it without mentioning the black choker. Of course, feel free to wear any color choker, but black is just the classy version of them all. You can wear the choker literally to any kind of event and occasion.

Black choker, street style

Chokers seem to never go out of style


This choker is great in addition to statement earrings, bracelets, colorful outfits, heels or sneakers or anything that your mind could think of. In addition, you can wear it all year round and style it in different ways because the choker is very versatile piece of jewelry.

Black choker, street style

For timeless classy look in addition to your normal looks wear a black choker

Via Pinterest

You can contrast it with your light colored outfits in the spring and summer or jazz up your sweaters and jeans in the fall and winter. There are also layered chokers, which are also an absolute must have in one’s wardrobe.

Blacks chokers

Blacks chokers are so versatile and timeless

Left: Half Moon Horn Velvet Choker; Right: Classic Pearl Pendant Choker

By Happiness Boutique

These two black chokers from Happiness Boutique are a very versatile fashion accessory that you can rock daily. Feel free to check them out by clicking on the links below the photo.

10. Boho inspired fashion accessory for an original style

For a very original and free spirited look you can always accessorize your outfits with a boho inspired jewelry pieces. They could be very detailed, and containing different elements on them such as engravements, stones, animals pieces, etc.

Turquoise fashion accessory, fashionista, style

Decorate your each wear with some turquoise fashion accessory

Via Pinterest

The best thing about the bohemian fashion is that you can never have too many jewelry pieces at once. Nothing has to match and you can add only statement pieces for a very bold and remarkable style.

Boho style, turquoise fashion accessory, style

In addition to your boho style wear turquoise jewelry pieces

Via Pinterest

Of course, the boho fashion is perfect for the summer, especially for the beach. You can easily decorate your white and loose dresses with a couple of bold pieces of jewelry.

In addition, the boh inspired jewelry pieces could be worn at all times no matter the season or the occasion. It all depends on your preferences and current mood.

fashion accessory, boho girl.gif

Finally, I hope that you enjoyed these styling tips and tricks about the most trendy fashion accessory. These jewelry pieces are easier to style than you think and could be great for any type of a lady.

In addition, if you liked this fashion blog post please leave a comment mentioning your favorite fashion accessory and how do you like to style it. We value every opinion!

Thank you & Happy Styling!


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Unique Necklaces

Learn more on how to style your unique necklaces here. In addition, in today’s fashion blog post we’ll go over the latest necklace trends and some really cool ones. Make sure to read further to explore these amazing jewelry pieces and to learn how to master their styling.

Unique necklaces

Wear a unique necklace for a unique style

Via Pinterest

Also, feel free to share in the comment section what is your favorite necklace for this season and how do you like to style and combine it. Don’t hesitate to hit the like button if you find this blog post interesting or informative.

Hopefully, these following styling tips will boost your confidence and you will wear your unique necklaces like a pro.

Happy Reading!

1. Wear a boho inspired necklace with your summer looks

The boho inspired necklaces could range from statement necklaces to super delicate boho chokers. They are very appropriate for the summer or to jazz up your normal looks during the other seasons. These boho necklaces are great to be worn all year round.

Statement boho necklace

In addition to your summer look wear a statement boho necklace


For example, clothes with embroidery, feathers or fringes, animals prints, leather or velvet are very typical of the bohemian fashion. In addition, you can throw on a loose floral dress and add a cute boho choker. The boho jewelry pieces are also great for festivals or traveling.

Boho necklace, statement necklace

Jazz up your plain outfits by adding a boho necklace

Via Pinterest

Whether you prefer golden, silver or rose gold, you will able to find what you are looking for and make your look much prettier. The ancient coin necklaces are also very popular among the boho fashionistas. They will gently dangle as you walk around and give such an interesting touch even to your non-boho outfits.

Bohemian inspired necklace, statement necklace

Achieve an eye-catching style by adding a bohemian inspired necklace

Via Pinterest

The boho inspired necklaces are very detailed which makes them so precious. Also, in many cases, they as if there is a hidden history behind them. These jewelry pieces are appropriate for all kinds of ladies because they come in different sizes, shaped and design.

Boho necklace, unique necklace, statement necklaces

For a cool summer style wear a boho necklace in addition to your outfit

Left: Stunning Silver Toned Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

This detailed and textured necklace from Happiness Boutique could be a great option if you are looking for the perfect statement boho inspired necklace.

2. Long unique necklaces for an easy-going look

The long necklaces are very appropriate for chic and fitted outfits. Many working ladies could take advantage of their beauty because they could easily be combined with a dressy shirt or trousers.

Nowadays, we see that the wide legged pants are so trendy, therefore you can style your long unique necklaces with such pants and end up with a very chic and modern style.

Long unique necklace

Give dimension to your outfit with a long unique necklace

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You can wear them all year round with no effort. For example, in the summer times if you prefer to dress up with brighter and white clothes, then get yourself a colorful long necklace and make your outfit more eye-catching and playful.

Monochrome outfit, long necklace

Take your monochrome outfit to the next level with a long necklace


Long necklaces are great with jeans, casual looks or very chic night out outfits as well. They are very versatile and adjustable according to your fashion style. Feel free to add a pair of heels if you want an elegant result or sandals for a comfy wear.

Long necklaces, unique necklaces

Long necklaces are a great combo with a chic outfit

Left: Triangle and Dots Tassel Long Necklace; Right: Beautiful Golden Tassel Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

These two long necklaces from Happiness Boutique have a delicate chain and tassels as pendants. They will definitely give a twist to any of your styles because of the trendy pendants. In addition, they are very to pair up with other jewelry pieces.

3. Modern layered necklaces for an attractive look

Another super trendy look that you can create on your own is the layered necklace effect. You can purchase a pre-layered necklace or make it yourself.

Simply add three or four different necklaces and you are ready. However, try to select necklaces that go with each other so you can keep the same thematic.

Layered necklace

For a trendy look wear a layered necklace

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Also, you can add different in length necklaces to give more interest to your outfit. If you happen to be wearing a deep V-neck, then you can add a longer necklace in combination with a shorter one. Here, you are the creator, therefore let your imagination create a truly unique combination of necklaces.

Layered necklace

In addition to your fashionable style wear a layered necklace


The good thing about the layered necklaces is that you don’t need to add any other accessories because they will embellish your look just enough to make it more modern and fashionable.

But, if you are the type of lady that wants to show her love for these delicate and precious pieces – feel free to add a stack of delicate rings or a dainty bracelet.

Unique necklaces, layered necklaces

Any of these unique necklaces will enhance your outfits

Left: Circle Layered Necklace Rose Gold; Right Pearl Star Layered Necklace Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Very trendy and delicate, these two layered necklaces from Happiness Boutique are so cute and girly. You can wear them with any outfit you like because of their delicateness.

4. Cute and unique necklaces for a girly look

For the spring and summer you can accessorize your looks with bright colored or pastel colored unique necklaces. They look very modern, fresh and fashionable. You can wear them with more simplistic outfits and let your necklace be the statement piece of your look.

Unique necklaces, statement necklace

In addition to your professional look wear a cute necklace


The pastel colors of this necklace look so feminine and gentle. You can wear similar necklaces to work, for special occasions or whenever you want to take your outfit to the next level. In addition, you can wear your hair in a cute hairstyle if you have a special event or leave it down.

Unique necklaces, street style, pink midi skirt, statement necklace

For a different style wear a different kind of unique necklaces


These unique necklaces are so attractive and could give an instant interest to any of your styles. Feel free to wear them with heels for a more elegant and feminine style or with flat shoes for easy walking. Plus, the fresh colors of these necklaces will definitely put a smile on your face.

Unique necklace, statement necklace

Add a girly touch to your chic outfits with this unique necklace

Left: Pastel Colors Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Here is a super feminine and modern statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. This jewelry piece will decorate your outfits in a very gentle and cute way. Feel free to check them out.

5. Add a crystal necklace to your look for a feminine style

Crystal necklaces look very appropriate for special occasions such as wedding, prom, parties or birthday celebration. However, if you know how, you can rock these sparkling babies to work or even on a daily basis.

Crystal necklace, unique necklace

Give a dazzling style to your outfit with a crystal necklace


In addition, they look great with a dressy shirt, therefore you don’t have to worry that you will look too glam at the office. Also, you can leave it as your statement piece because crystal necklaces are already very detailed and shiny.

Floral necklaces, statement necklace

Floral necklaces are great for feminine and professional outfits


Crystal necklaces could be worn with detailed or simple outfits. These necklaces look very luxurious and their sparkles could make any outfit more dazzling and attractive. Many ladies like to spice up their old or basic looks with similar necklaces.

6. Accessorize with a wrap choker for a trendy look

Embellish any of your outfits with one of the most versatile and modern necklace – the wrap choker. This type of choker is so comfy to wear because of the velvety soft material. In addition, you can wear it in so many different ways.

Wrap choker, street style, fashionista, style

A must have for the season – a wrap choker

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Feel free to rock this necklace with your girly outfits. For example, a modern dress paired up with heels and a cute handbag. Or, wear it with your most casual t-shirt and jeans look. No matter of your style, the wrap choker is always a good idea.

Add a versatile and timeless piece to your wardrobe, called – choker

Add a versatile and timeless piece to your wardrobe, called – choker

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Wrap choker are also great with winter outfits because it is always great to be able to jazz up your sweaters and jeans. You can wear it by wrap it around or you can leave the stands hanging off. This way you will give dimension to your look.

Wrap chokers, unique necklaces

Any of these wrap chokers will make your outfits better and more stylish

Left: Timeless Wrap Choker; Right: Lace Tassel Choker Set

By Happiness Boutique

You can wear a single wrap choker or a set of two and combine them together. These two wrap chokers from Happiness Boutique are very popular at the moment, therefore don’t hesitate to check them out.

7. Modern and unique necklaces for your fashionable looks

As we speak about choker, we should definitely add the metallic chokers to this list. They look so fabulous and amazing. In addition, you can wear them in combination with other necklaces and create the layering effect or wear them solo.

Metallic choker, street style, fashionista, summer looks

Metallic choker are such a fashionable and edgy accessory

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This type of chunky metallic choker is great for work or special occasion. It will definitely give you a very futuristic, yet elegant vibe. For example, you can wear it with a strapless dress for a very elegant style. Or, you can wear it with trendy tops and show your girly and feminine side.

Delicate metallic choker, street style, fashionista

Give your look a touch of chicness by adding a delicate metallic choker

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Furthermore, if you prefer delicate jewelry pieces, then a delicate metallic choker could be a great option for you. It is very comfortable, versatile and modern. You can easily wear it with all kinds of outfits or pair it with other jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets or stud earrings.

Unique choker necklaces

In addition to your trendy looks wear a unique choker necklace

Left: Glitter Choker Rose Gold; Right: Bubble Bliss Pearl Choker Necklace in Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Any of these two metallic chokers from Happiness Boutique could make your outfit more modern and refreshed. You can easily style them with any outfit that you prefer because these chokers are very adjustable.

8. Wear a pearl necklace for an elegant style

Even the classic pearl necklace could be so unique, therefore if you are looking for something classy, yet modern and elegant, then you should check out these following styling tips.

Although, in most cases, pearl necklaces are worn with dressy outfits, there is always a possibility to wear them in a more casual or day to day way.

Chunky pearl necklace, unique necklace

Make a statement with a chunky pearl necklace


For example, you can wear pearl necklaces to work, while shopping, and of course to business meetings. Throw on a satin shirt, a pair of heels and a pencil skirt, and you are all set for your important day.

Pearl necklace, unique necklace

In addition to your vintage or classic looks wear a pearl necklace


However, you can wear a choker pearl necklace, which is so unique and remarkable. This type of pearl necklace is definitely great for daily outfits. For example, try to wear it with a simple top and jeans or skirts. It looks very feminine, yet appropriate for any casual look.

Pearl necklace

Any pearl necklace is always appropriate


Even chunky pearl unique necklaces could be worn with more daily outfits. You can keep it girly by wearing a skirt, but it is definitely possible to wear this pearl necklace with super casual and basic looks. The best thing about the pearl necklaces is that you can wear them the way you want rather than styling your outfit based on the necklace.

Pearl unique necklaces, statement necklaces

Add a timeless piece to your collection such as these two pearl unique necklaces

Left: Pearl and Diamond Statement Necklace; Right: Pearl Blossom Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

These two chunky pearl necklaces from Happiness Boutique are super versatile and elegant. You can wear them in many different ways with no effort, therefore feel free to check them out.

9. Unique necklaces with crystals for a galaxy inspired look

One of the latest fashion trends is this galaxy and stardust crystal necklace. It looks very magical and celestial inspired. It is very bendable and appropriate for any kind of occasion. In addition, you can add a similar bracelet or a pair of earrings to complete your galactic look.

Unique crystal necklaces

Smashed crystals? Yes, please!

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This necklace is very lightweight and versatile because you can style it with a casual t-shirt or with a fitted dress for a night out look. Plus, the tiny crystals will gently sparkle as you move around, which is a very interesting and attractive effect.

Stardust crystal necklace, unique necklaces

For a sparkling look wear a stardust crystal necklace


If you want unique necklaces that are possible to wear day or night, then these bendable and filled with tiny crystals necklaces will be just the right on-the-go jewelry for you. They look great with working outfits such as a fitted shirt and trousers. Or, you can spice up your plain or old outfits.

Finally, I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and find it interesting. In addition, I hope that you liked these styling tips and ideas on how to wear unique necklaces.

These are our favorite picks, how about you? What kind of necklaces have you been wearing the most lately?  

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