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About us: Cool Deal Spot

About us: Cool Deal Spot was Commenced by the owner Mr. G Charles Moses as a shop to actively seek brands and businesses and ideas with fresh products and services that will enhance the experience of life for consumers. Armed with an appetite for ambition and a vision to excel, the shop came into existence to enhance the quality of living to the next level, with interesting and useful offerings for the current as well as future generations.

The Business concept:

Cool Deal Spot is conceptualized as a place where unique, quality products are available which generally would not be available on a normal search.The team is dedicated to find unique products and source them directly from the manufacturers/ wholesalers removing the middlemen who add-on to the cost of the products and thus making available products at a very low-cost for the benefit of the customers.

The endeavor will be to always keep a connection with our customer and regulate efforts to be customer oriented to ascertain likes, hobbies and gifting options to customers. ’Cool deal spot’ desire that their customers are outfitted in exquisite stylish trendy outfits to match age-appropriate fashions and designs without compromises for all occasions.

The COOL DEAL SPOT is built on sound principles and guided by clearly defined vision and mission.

Vision: We envision tomorrow and start acting today. We desire to relentlessly pursue ideas for a better future for everyone.

Mission: To make COOL DEAL SPOT a champion of happiness to enrich customers life making available myriad products and services.

Integrity: We have a transparent and honest approach to all that we do and uphold the time-tested values of trust and faith.

On our path to excel, we would love to hear from you, your suggestions, ideas, and choices. Based on the feedback we would feature all products as per popular demands.

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